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All About Black Sex-Link Chickens

Understanding Black Sex-Link Chickens: A Comprehensive Guide

What is a Black Sex-Link Chicken?

Black Sex-Link chickens are a hybrid breed created by crossing two standard breeds of chickens. Typically, a Rhode Island Red rooster is crossed with a Barred Rock hen to produce this type of chicken. The term “sex-link” refers to the practice of breeding to create chickens that can be sexed at the time of hatching based on their color. This feature is highly beneficial for chicken farmers who need to determine the gender of their chicks early to plan their farming strategy effectively.

Characteristics of Black Sex-Link Chickens

Black Sex-Link chickens are known for their distinctive appearance and productive qualities. Here are some key characteristics:

  • Color: Females are primarily black with varying amounts of gold or red feathers around their neck and light under-feathering. Males are black and white barred, often with white spots on the back and wings.
  • Egg Production: These chickens are excellent layers, providing a high yield of brown eggs. On average, a Black Sex-Link can lay between 200 to 300 eggs per year.
  • Temperament: They are hardy, adaptable, and generally friendly, making them ideal for backyard farms and novice poultry keepers.
  • Size: Typically, hens weigh approximately 6 pounds, and roosters weigh about 8 pounds, making them a medium-sized breed.

Benefits of Raising Black Sex-Link Chickens

Raising Black Sex-Link chickens comes with several advantages:

  • Early Sex Identification: The ability to identify gender early helps in managing the flock efficiently, reducing the costs associated with raising unwanted roosters.
  • High Egg Production: Their consistent and high egg production makes them a favorite among egg producers, especially in free-range conditions.
  • Good Health: These chickens are bred for vigor and health, exhibiting strong disease resistance throughout their lives.
  • Adaptability: They adapt well to different climates and housing systems, making them versatile for various farming setups.


Black Sex-Link chickens are an excellent option for both experienced and novice chicken keepers looking for a reliable, friendly, and productive breed. Their easy management and high yield of eggs make them a profitable and enjoyable addition to any flock.

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