Chrysanthemum Can Talk? Grade1

Lenora and the Talking Doll

Lenora and the Talking Doll

Once upon a time, in a bright and cheerful room, there lived a young girl named Lenora. Lenora had big, sparkling eyes and loved to play with her doll, Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum was very special to Lenora, with her soft, silky hair and a smile that seemed to light up the room.

One sunny afternoon, while Lenora was playing tea party, Chrysanthemum suddenly said, “Lenora, may I have some more tea, please?”

Lenora couldn’t believe her ears! She blinked and looked around, thinking she had imagined it. “Did you just talk?” she asked Chrysanthemum.

“Yes, I did!” replied Chrysanthemum with a giggle. “I’ve always been able to talk, but I only speak to those who listen closely.”

Lenora was amazed. She had never heard Chrysanthemum talk before. They spent the whole afternoon chatting and laughing. Chrysanthemum told Lenora stories of magical gardens and faraway lands.

From that day on, Lenora knew she had a special friend in Chrysanthemum, one who could talk and share wonderful stories. And Lenora listened, truly listened, knowing that sometimes, magic happens when you pay attention.


What did Lenora learn about Chrysanthemum?

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