Hide and Seek With Lenora!

Reading Comprehension Quiz

Reading Comprehension Quiz

Read the following story about Lenora and Chrysanthemum and answer the questions below.


One sunny afternoon, Lenora and her friend Chrysanthemum were playing hide and seek in the park. Lenora was very good at finding hiding spots, and Chrysanthemum loved seeking. “1, 2, 3,… 20! Ready or not, here I come!” shouted Chrysanthemum, after counting at the big oak tree.

Chrysanthemum looked behind the bushes, near the swings, and by the pond but couldn’t find Lenora. She was about to give up when she heard a giggle from above. Lenora was hiding in the tree! “Found you!” exclaimed Chrysanthemum. They laughed and decided to play another round.

Question 1: What game were Lenora and Chrysanthemum playing?

Question 2: Where was Lenora hiding?

Question 3: Who was seeking?

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