The Farmyard Conference

The Farmyard Conference

The Farmyard Conference

One sunny day, all the animals on Farmer Green’s farm decided to have a meeting. The cows, the pigs, the chickens, and even the ducks! They all gathered around the big oak tree, each one eager to share their stories.

Moo-Moo the cow spoke first. “I think we should have two breaks for snacks every day,” she said. The other cows nodded and mooed in agreement.

Oink-Oink the pig added, “And mud baths every afternoon would be nice!” All the pigs oinked with joy at the idea.

Cluck-Cluck the chicken suggested, “Let’s have more spots for pecking! We need more space to find our food.” The chickens clucked happily.

Quack-Quack the duck had a special request. “We need a bigger pond to swim in. It will be fun for everyone!” Quack-Quack quacked loudly, and all the ducks quacked back in support.

Farmer Green listened to all the animals talk. He laughed and said, “Okay, okay! We will work on all these things. Let’s make our farm the happiest place to be!”

The animals cheered and went back to their day, happy that their voices were heard. It was a good day at the farm.

1. What did Moo-Moo the cow suggest?

2. What did the pigs enjoy the idea of having?

3. Who wanted a bigger pond?