Sylvia, Lenora, and the Dancing Hamster

Sylvia, Lenora, and the Dancing Hamster

Sylvia, Lenora, and the Dancing Hamster

In a cozy, sunlit room, Sylvia, aged 10, and her younger sister Lenora, aged 7, were hatching a plan to teach their hamster, Twinkletoes, how to dance.

“I bet Twinkletoes could learn the moonwalk!” exclaimed Sylvia, tying her braids into a neat ponytail.

“Or maybe a tiny tango?” Lenora giggled, watching Twinkletoes scurry around in his cage.

With a tiny doll dress and a miniature hat set aside, the sisters created a small stage from old shoeboxes and colorful paper. The stage was set, and Twinkletoes was about to become a star.

“Alright, Mr. Twinkletoes, it’s showtime!” cheered Lenora as Sylvia played some soft music on her phone.

To their amazement, Twinkletoes began to move his tiny feet in an odd, yet rhythmical pattern. Was he actually dancing, or was it just the usual hamster hustle? Either way, the sisters clapped and cheered.

“He’s doing the…hamster hop?” laughed Sylvia, as the hamster continued his peculiar performance.

The afternoon faded into evening with laughter and playful shouts filling the room, as Twinkletoes unknowingly enchanted his audience with every step and misstep.

As the sun set, the sisters agreed it was the best day ever, not just for them, but surely for Twinkletoes as well, who received an extra helping of hamster treats for his ‘hard work’.

Did you pay attention?

What dance did Twinkletoes the hamster attempt to perform?

  1. Moonwalk
  2. Tango
  3. Hamster Hop

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